Equine Sports Therapy

I am an  Equine Sports Therapist located in between Woodbridge and Stowmarket covering East Anglia. I can offer a range of techniques tailored to your horse's personal needs. 

Massage therapy includes a variety of techniques which are extremely useful and effective at injury prevention and for therapeutic outcomes. It can prove beneficial for all sorts of horses working at varying levels. This kept in mind it is important to remember that physical therapy does not replace veterinary care and so if there are any ongoing concerns this approach must be sought. Therapists are very used to working as part of a team and alongside vets, farriers and other professionals to achieve the best possible outcome for the horse.​

Massage therapy can also be used to rehabilitate horses who are post injury or surgery. Post operation muscle can become tight, hard and restrict movement. Massage increases blood flow to the area helping muscle become healthy enabling them to mend. Re-injury is also less common in horses that have received sufficient rehabilitation therapy. Massage will stimulate the circulation of oxygen to the muscle cells which energises the muscle tissues, subsequently boosting the horse’s immune system. Toxins such as lactic acid, which are responsible for soreness and inflammation are eliminated, reducing pain in joints and soft tissues. Massage also stimulates the horse’s body to activate endorphins and encephalins which are the body’s natural pain killers.

The improvement of muscle tone and decrease in inflammation is very important bearing in mind that 60% of a horse’s body is made up of muscle tissue. If muscles are tight, locomotion will cause the horse to experience pain. Thus inhibiting correct movement, the encouragement of compensation elsewhere and subsequent bad habits. If a horse has chronic muscle soreness for a prolonged period of time breakdown may eventually result.

There is also a preventative benefit to physical therapy. A horse operating optimally carries less risk of injury. Rather than waiting for damage or a problem to transpire, a regular visit from a therapist is worthwhile. How often the horse is seen depends on the workload/ level of competition. A discrete muscle change or variation in the horse’s way of going if left too late could lead to the development of a more serious problem needing veterinary attention and possibly time off work.



I had Rose out to treat my horse, Buster, who had begun to show a reduction in his performance levels. His dressage scores were not as good as usual and he was knocking the odd pole when showjumping, which is unlike him. After a few sessions Buster's dressage scores were back to normal and his showjumping also improved.


Thank you Rose!

After a few sessions with Rose my horse, who had become tight and lethargic was back to his old self!

Jess, Essex

After struggling to find a type of bodywork that my pony enjoyed I tried Rose on recommendation from  friend. Rose was tactile with my old mare, who can be tricky, and I have seen some great results so far.

Olivia, Suffolk

Debbie, Suffolk


Contact Me

Get in contact with me for any questions or to book your horse in. Remember the more horses the cheaper each session becomes! Drop me a message above, on facebook or give me a call on 077736 94931!

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